Heroika by Landerlander
What kind of hero is your brand?

Heroika is an easy-to-use, actionable brand and communications strategy framework that has storytelling at its core.
What it is

Heroika is a Miro template for guided or unguided workshops. You can find it here.

What it does
Grow your brand by talking to your audience
Heroika helps create and nurture sustainable brands by giving them tools and skills for talking to their audiences through the power of storytelling. It aims to become the ultimate brand strategy and comms framework while radically democratising marketing communications. In order to achieve it, Heroika educates founders in storytelling while constantly evolving to add more and more comms tools up its sleeves.
What you get
After completing Heroika (please allow yourself several hours for the process) you will have:
● your brand strategy which doubles as a 10-sec elevator pitch. We call it Brand Saga; see What it does above for Heroika's Brand Saga;
● your content strategy connected to your sales and communications funnels.
● you communications strategy as a timeline of events x channels x audiences.

When you are done, your next steps would be:
● getting a visual brand identity: briefing designers is easy with your brand strategy;
● creating or editing your website, landing pages, emails, etc.: it's easy with your content strategy and brand identity;
● creating the overall content plan: it's easy when you have all of the above.
Who it is for
Heroika is best suited for preseed to seed-stage startups and small enterprises where everyone wears many hats, including a CMO hat. In short, if you know what your product does, Heroika will help you grow your business by communicating with your audience.
How it works
Heroika is a 3-step journey of brand development from a one-function product to a brand that is ready to set out and tell its story to the world.

1. World (Briefing)
Who are you in the world that surrounds you?
First, let's talk about the product. What is the human problem your product solves or the need it fulfils? These are the most important questions of all, which define the foundation of your brand:

● What does it do?
● Who is it for?

Without a clear answer for this, your product will remain a commodity rather than a brand.

Then you need to take a look at the world your product lives in. There are many characters and forces around, so let’s figure out the ones that are significant for your product.

2. Hero (Brand strategy)
Looking at this world, you will come up with a SWOT matrix to have an overview of your brand position on the market. This is where you will employ our own tool called SWOT-HERO. A well-known brand matrix: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, becomes the brand's HERO behaviour matrix: Help, Evolve, Reach, Overcome. This set of behaviours will become the base of your brand.

3. Stories (Content strategy)
Time to come up with the stories you are going to tell about your brand. Each kind of HERO behaviours will have their own types of stories that you will then connect to your communications and sales funnels. This way you'll always know what kind of stories to tell your audience on their journey in the sales funnel.

4. Journey (Communications strategy) upcoming
Communications strategy is putting your content strategy on your desired timeline and matching it with your internal events (product updates, new product line launches, critical hires and so on) and external events that your audience care about (state and religious holidays, back to school, major industry events, customer birthdays and so on). Putting all of these together helps you visualise your communications calendar and figure out channel use.
  • How much does Heroika cost?
    Heroika is free for your own use. This means, if you are a startup, you can use it right now, no strings attached. However, you can not charge anyone for using Heroika. This means, if you are a consultant or an agency and want to use Heroika with your client for a fee, please talk to us before you do it.
  • Is help available?
    Yes. Look at the example in the lower part of the template, contact us at victor@landerlander.com and join our Slack (send us an email to get an invite) or Discord.
  • Do you do workshops?
    Yes. A basic workshop that runs you through the template will take 4 to 6 hours resulting with your brand strategy and content strategy. An advanced workshop will take twice as much time and will add communication strategy and communication plan to the results.
  • How do I sign up for a workshop?
    Let's start with an introductory 15-minutes call. Please sign up here.
  • Can you make me a bespoke strategy?
    Sure. Email us at hello@landerlander.com. If you have your Brand Saga ready, you're in for a nice discount!